Ficus De Gantel: Tips For Care, Reproduction and Transplantation

Probably, a florist is a profession in which people are no longer surprised by the diversity of flora. To take at least a narrow specialization – cultivation of ficuses, which only Ficus De Gantel. This is one of the varieties of Benjamina, which in leaf color has a predominant white color. If you look at the leaves of this plant, the impression is as if the artist has put sloppy green strokes on a white canvas to make this ficus is not like the others. Besides the fact that it is one of the most beautiful and most exotic of its kind, nevertheless, it remains very unpretentious in care.

Ficus Benjamina, variety - De Gantel
Ficus Benjamina, Variety – De Gantel photo

Taking care of Ficus De Gantel at home

Nature is rich in beauty and variety of species and varieties of plants, but it is also prudent to worry that all the similar to each other they would live in the same climate zone, and in the case of domestic cultivation had similar care. So and Ficus Benjamina De Gantel have many similar features with other varieties of care for him.

  • Lighting: we have already mentioned several times that motley plant species like bright scattered light, this rule applies to Ficus De Gantel. Also, do not forget that it is necessary to shade the plant from direct sunlight, if you decide to take it out for a breath of fresh air.

In winter it is recommended to provide this ficus with extra light, because if it is not enough, the plant can drop its leaves.

  • Temperature: this ficus variety is very thermophilic, so the optimal temperature for it in summer will be +18 ° C – +23 ° C, and in winter not below +16 ° C.
  • Watering: in summer Ficus De Gantel likes regular watering twice a week. However, you should take care not to flood the plant, before each next watering, the ground should dry a little. In the winter season, the frequency of watering is reduced to once a week, or even 10 days.
  • Humidity: Ficus loves frequent sprays, which would help him feel comfortable and as close to the natural environment as possible. In winter, because the air dries up during the heating season, leaf sprays are especially important.

Attention! It is very important in winter to move the ficus away from the radiator, so that the dried up air does not contribute to leaf dropping or pest formation.

  • Transplantation: Transplantation of young ficus is carried out in early spring – in March, and sometimes in February every year. At this time, you need to increase the diameter of the pot by 4cm – 5cm. Adult plant just change the top layer of soil.
  • Feeding: Feed your green pet can start in spring and finish in autumn. It is desirable to do this every two weeks, with liquid fertilizers. It is also recommended to alternate between mineral and organic substrates.
  • Reproduction: Ficus De Gantel is multiplied using the upper cuttings, which have 4 healthy leaves. Cut clean the juice and the lower pair of leaves. It can be rooted in water and soil, but be sure to cover it with a polyethylene film. Also after transplanting into a pot the plant should be kept under the film for some time. In addition, it can multiply with seeds.

Diseases and pests

For your ficus to be healthy and strong for a long time, you should regularly check its leaves for pests. So if you found small red spiders on the back side of the leaf, it means that a spider mite has settled there. But if you have found brown insects, and your plant’s leaves have lost their color, it is a shield. You should immediately take measures and clean the leaves with absorbent cotton soaked in methyl alcohol or spray with soapy water. Systemic insecticides are also suitable.

The main thing is to remember that often leads to the appearance of parasites, dried air.

So we, friends, got acquainted with another amazing variety of Benjamina Ficus De Gantel. Besides its external sophistication, it is also attractive and easy to care for. Such a plant is perfect for your home flower collection, as it will certainly delight you and your guests.