Ficus Golden King: Tips For Care, Reproduction and Transplantation

Man is the crown of nature, lion is the king of beasts, and Ficus Golden King is a true monarch in the world of domestic ficus. He got his nickname not by accident – you see, in the natural habitat of this plant can reach 30 meters in height, and in domestic floriculture, this stately beauty will quickly grow to the ceiling. But, in spite of intensive growth, Ficus Benjamina Golden King can easily form a crown even as an adult plant. In addition, if several young ficuses are planted in the pot, their flexible stems can be intertwined and form an ornamental trunk. But not only the growth is truly royal in this plant, its amazing leaves deserve special attention. They can reach a length of 7 cm, have slightly wavy edges and a strange color – the leaf itself is green, the edges are edged with a torn strip of yellow or lemon-green color, and in the middle of a light vein with no branches. All this beauty abundantly captures the arched side shoots, which are sometimes intertwined to form a lush crown. In the photo below you can see that the Ficus Golden King its external data corresponds to the loud name.

Ficus Golden King (Ficus benjamina) can grow up to 80 cm tall with good care. In a sunny to semi-shady location, its glossy leaves with their dark green color are particularly decorative. Ficus benjamina ‘Golden King’ feels particularly at home in a well-drained, humus-rich substrate. Draught should be avoided.

Ficus Golden King photo

Taking care of Ficus Golden King at home

Care for Ficus Golden King is not very different from care for other varieties of ficus Benjamina – this is another good news about this plant. And so, what are the features of care you need to know to keep Ficus happy its owners:

  • Lighting: since this variety is a motley representative, it just needs a bright scattered light, and in the summer and “walks” in the fresh air.

Do not forget to shade the ficus from direct sunlight, which can meet it on the balcony or in the garden.

  • Temperature: Golden King is a thermophilic plant, so that in summer it will be comfortable in +77°F – +86°F, and in winter it is necessary to maintain the temperature at least +64.4°F.

It is very important to know that ficus does not tolerate draughts, sharp changes in temperature and environment. Some florists recommend not even turning it in different directions to the light.

  • Watering: in summer, you can water the ficus once or twice a week with warm and soft water. In winter, the amount of watering should be reduced to once a week, and sometimes up to two times a month. The main thing is to prevent the land from drying out.
  • Humidity: this variety loves a humid atmosphere, so you need frequent spraying in any season.
  • Transplantation: young plants are transplanted annually in spring or summer, mature plants – once every few years. But it is necessary to transfer the plant into another pot, if the roots are completely covered with earth lump.

It is better not to touch the ficus just bought in the store, but to give it the opportunity to adapt to a new home. However, if you bought the plant in a special shipping container with temporary soil, you need to transplant it into an appropriate size pot with nutritious soil.

  • Fertilization: Ficus is fertilized from April to September inclusive, twice a month, during the period of active growth. For this purpose, it is best to use universal liquid fertilizer.

Important: do not let the solution get on the buds and leaves of the ficus.

  • Pruning: Regular pruning is not necessary, but can be done, for example, if topiary is desired. As a rule, pruning is very well tolerated as long as it is not too radical. Diseased shoots should of course always be cut out in time.
  • Reproduction: Ficus Golden King multiplies by drawing, air taps and seeds.When drawing, it is necessary to use summer or spring cuttings with several leaves. Milky juice and lower leaves are removed from the cut. The rooting is done either in water or already in soil.Reproduction by air is done with the help of moss and a root formation stimulant.Before planting, seeds are soaked in a growth stimulant solution and then planted in loose soil. The container with seeds is covered with a polyethylene film and placed in a warm and light place. Ventilate and keep the soil moist. Taking care of Ficus Golden King is not so difficult, but how much pleasure it can give to those who do it.
  • Wintering: Ficus Golden King overwinters best in a warm room, that is, the living room, or else the bathroom or kitchen. It should be placed in a bright place, but without too much sun. Watering is reduced, fertilizing is discontinued. The root ball should not dry out, but in any case should not be constantly wet. During the winter, pay attention to pest infestation!

Diseases and pests

Sometimes, not only the external environment can lead to ficus disease, but also negligent care. Thus, for example, stagnant water in the soil or pallet, and even at low temperatures can lead not only to rotting roots, but also to the plant fungal diseases.

Ficus Golden KingAfter each watering, you should drain the remaining water in the pot tray.

In addition, there are other parasites that can weaken your ficus or even lead to death. These can be a spider mite, a powdery worm, aphids and whiteflies. To prevent the pests from settling on your plant, you should regularly wash the leaves with a wet sponge. However, if insects have nevertheless appeared, you should treat the ficus leaves with absorbent cotton soaked in alcohol or soapy water. It is not so terrible when we are armed with the necessary knowledge. Ficus Benjamina Golden King is not demanding in self-care, but, nevertheless, he will gratefully respond to the care that you can give him. You only need to know some rules that will help you grow a healthy and strong plant at home.