Ficus Bussei: General Information

The Ficus Bussei is a fig species that is native to the tropical regions of Africa. It is an evergreen tree that can reach heights of up to 60 feet tall. The Ficus Bussei has dark green leaves that are oval in shape and have a smooth texture. This fig species produce edible fruit, which is enjoyed by both people and animals. The Ficus Bussei is also popular for its ornamental value. It is commonly used in landscaping projects and can be found in tropical gardens around the world.

Plant Specifics

Origins: Central and South America

Zones: USDA 11 (warmest)

Life Span: Perennial

Height: Can grow up to 30m (98.42ft)

Flowers: Small, greenish-yellow flowers that lack petals and are borne in clusters

Fruit & Seeds: Ficus Bussei produces a small, dark fruit that is eaten by birds

Leaves: The leaves of this species are large, glossy, and leathery

Uses: The wood of Ficus Bussei is used in construction and for making furniture

The tree also provides shade and shelter, and the latex from the tree can be used for making rubber. The fruit is eaten by birds, and the leaves are browsed by mammals. This species is also used as an ornamental plant.