Ficus Burtt Davyi: The Ultimate Guide

Ficus Burtt-Davyi is a fig species that is native to India. It is a small tree or large shrub that can grow up to 15 meters tall. The leaves are dark green and leathery, and the fruit is edible. This plant has many medicinal uses, and it is also used in traditional Hindu ceremonies. In this guide, we will discuss all you need to know about Ficus Burtt-Davyi, from its general information to cultivation details!

ficus burtt davyi bonsai


Ficus Burtt-davyi is found in the wild in Burma, Thailand, and Laos. It grows best in subtropical to tropical climates with high humidity and rainfall. The tree is often found near streams or rivers.

In cultivation, Ficus Burtt-davyi can be grown as a houseplant or outdoors in USDA hardiness zones 11-12. When grown indoors, the plant should be placed in an area with bright, indirect light. Outdoors, the tree prefers full sun to partial shade.

Plant Specifics

Origins: Ficus Burtt-Davyi is a species of fig that is native to the rainforests of Sri Lanka and India.

Height: When mature, Ficus Burtt-Davyi can reach heights between 30 and 40 meters.

Growth Rate: This species of fig has a fast growth rate, gaining up to two meters in height per year.

Foliage: The leaves of Ficus Burtt-Davyi are large, dark green, and glossy. They are arranged alternately on the stem and measure between 20 and 35 centimeters in length.

Flowers: The flowers of Ficus Burtt-Davyi are small and inconspicuous. They are borne on short stalks that grow out from the leaf axils.

Fruits: The fruits of Ficus Burtt-Davyi are small, globular, and green. They measure between two and three centimeters in diameter and ripen to a reddish-orange color.

Ficus Burtt-Davyi Care at Home

  • Soil: The Ficus Burtt-Davyi prefers well-drained, sandy soil.
  • Fertilizer: Use a balanced fertilizer during the growing season.
  • Water: Water regularly, but do not overwater. The plant can tolerate some drought once established.
  • Pruning: Prune to shape as needed. This plant can be pruned quite severely and will regrow quickly from old wood.

There are Several Ways to Reproduce Ficus Burtt-Davyi

Cutting: Ficus Burtt-Davyi can be propagated by taking stem cuttings from the main plant. Cuttings should be taken from healthy, non-flowering stems that are at least six inches long. The cuttings should be placed in a pot filled with moistened potting mix. Keep the pot in a warm, sunny location and wait for the cuttings to root, which usually takes about two weeks.

Air Layering: Air layering is another way to propagate Ficus Burtt-Davyi. To air layer, choose a stem that is at least six inches long and has several leaves. Make a small incision in the stem and apply the rooting hormone. Wrap the stem in moistened sphagnum moss and secure it with plastic wrap. Keep the air layered stem in a warm, sunny location and wait for the roots to develop, which usually takes about four weeks.

Seed: Ficus Burtt-Davyi can also be propagated from seed. The seeds should be sown in a pot filled with moistened potting mix. Keep the pot in a warm, sunny location and wait for the seeds to germinate, which usually takes about two weeks.

ficus burtt davyi

Ficus Burtt Davyi Bonsai

Ficus Burtt-Davyi is an excellent choice for bonsai. It has a small leaf which makes it easy to control the shape of your tree. The tree is also very tolerant of different growing conditions and can be easily trained.

If you are looking for a unique bonsai tree, Ficus Burtt-Davyi is definitely worth considering. With a little care and attention, you can create a beautiful work of art that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Diseases and Pests

Ficus Burtt-Davyi is generally disease and pest-free tree. However, it can be susceptible to scale, mealybugs, and root rot if the conditions are right. If you see any of these pests on your tree, treat them immediately with an appropriate pesticide or insecticide. Root rot can be difficult to control, so it’s important to catch it early. Regular inspection of your tree will help you keep on top of any problems.